SBIS C.I.B & NORD & FI & SE & NO Ch Softouch Pinquana "Saga"

16.2.2002 - 24.6.2013
severe herniated disc in the neck had no hope for recovery, not with surgery nor conservative therapy

Sire: FI & SE & DK Ch Klenod's Qhavat "Elvis"
Dam: SBIS FI & SE Ch FinW-03 Softouch Sweet Medicine "Puuma"
Breeder: Pirjo Muhonen
Owned & loved by: Kirsi Helin

Official measurement 46,5 cm


03/2006: Eyes tested - CLEAN
04/2012 Eyes tested (at the age of 10 yrs) - NUCLEAR CATARACT (mild)

11/2011 Heart auscultation: Murmur (1/6)

11/2011 Canine DCM-screening / Heart ultrasounded (doppler): No signs of DCM/cardiac failure

More about Saga's heart examinations in my web blog (only in Finnish)

 Gene tests:

DLA diversity, Haplotypes:
Whip2 (DRB1: 00101, DQA1: 00101, DQB1: 03701) - frequency in breed 17,0 %
Whip4 (DRB1: 01501, DQA1: 00601, DQB1: 02301) - frequency in breed 9,5 %

Saga has two litters:

Softouch M-litter
Softouch W-litter


Best In Show Tammsvik 2005 Swedish Sighthound Club Specialty
Best In Show Finnish Whippet Club Open Show 2007 & 2008 (Whippet-Tapahtuma)
BIS-2 at Helsinki Sighthound Club's Specialty 2007
BOS Finnish Whippet Club Specialty 2004
BIS-young Finnish Whippet Club Specialty 2003
BIG-1 Kouvola All Breeds 2005
BIS-1 Puppy Eckerö All Breeds 2002

Finland's Top Whippet listings:

Top whippet bitch #4 in 2004 (shown 9 times in Finland)
Top whippet bitch #5 in 2005 (shown 14 times in Finland)
Top whippet bitch #2 in 2006 (shown 5 times in Finland)
Top whippet bitch #3 in 2007 (shown 11 times in Finland)
Top whippet bitch #10 in 2008 (shown 6 times in Finland)
Top whippet bitch #5 in 2009 (shown 5 times in Finland)
Top whippet bitch #2 in 2010 (shown 9 times in Finland)
Top whippet bitch #1 in 2012 (shown 9 times in Finland)

Top whippet veteran #1 in 2010
Top whippet veteran #1 in 2012

Local sighthound club's (K-SVKK)
Sighthound & Showdog of the Year 2005 & Showdog of the Year 2012

Allan Pepper, Canada
Lilian Hanniste, Estonia
Rudi Brandt, Denmark
Jean Lanning, UK (N)
Eva Ekstam, New Zealand
David Allan, Spain (S)

Zafra Sirik, Israel
Björg Foss, Norway
Anita Gielisse, Netherlands
Ray Lindholm, Sweden

Jean Lanning, UK (N)
Eva Ekstam, New Zealand
Kari Järvinen, Finland
Kresten Scheel, Denmark
Per Iversen, Norway
Jarmo Vuorinen, Finland
Unto Timonen, Finland (S)

Per Iversen, Norway
Eeva Resko, Finland
Robert Paust, USA
Paul Stanton, Sweden

*  *  *  *  *

"This bitch screams WHIPPET. She is a lovely size, very feminine, has a
pretty head and eye. She has a shapely body she moves with low reachy
strides and is a powerhouse behind. Her shape is held both standing and
moving... a true picture. I had no hesitation in giving her the Best Bitch
and BOB. It was a delight to watch her go Best in Show."

- Molly Rule-Steele (BREED JUDGE)

"The beautiful whippet bitch was a clear winner, she had wonderful flowing lines,
beautiful type and moved as if she owned the ground she walked on"

- Birgitha Runmarker (BIS JUDGE)
in Scandinavian Sighthounds - the Journal 2006

More Tammsvik photos here

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